• Image of Bee City, Cityscape for Bees
  • Image of Bee City, Cityscape for Bees
  • Image of Bee City, Cityscape for Bees

Founded in 1764 on the banks of the Osmia river, Bee City has grown into a bustling metropolis of insect life. Skyscrapers line the sky, filled with all the species that work and live here. The huge range of habitats here allow a great variety of residents to move in, from Mason and Leafcutter Bees, to Ladybirds and Lacewings and many others too.

I've built this city from the ground up using solid FSC mahogany boards to construct the buildings, with the backdrop cut out of FSC softwood. I've then triple coated each layer before finishing construction and then filled each skyscraper with different combinations of drilled wood, cane, bamboo and bark.

This piece will not only be great for filling your garden with useful pollinators, but will make a great feature piece too. I've installed hidden hangers in the back to allow for easy placement on a wall.
This should be sited to catch full sun if possible.

This item is made to order. Please allow around 2 weeks for me to make it.

Shipping to UK mainland only. Excludes Highlands and Islands/Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Please contact me for a quote to these areas.

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